Spearing Suckers

Mud Bug

Hand made things are better
Suckers are running in the crick. Got some last night and hopefully again tonight. Anybody here spearing out of a canoe? We speared out of my dad's Yankee years back, but mostly I go in my old wooden boat my dad and I made when I was a kid. Dang that thing's hard to pole compared to a canoe! Anyone have a canoe set up with lanterns for spearing? I'd love to see it and hear your ideas and experiences.

Oh, that's a nice picture and an interesting spear. Thanks for the link. I made my spear, but it sure doesn't look like that neat thing. Spearing at night with lanterns is about as fun as it gets when the fish are thick. You almost can't not have fun. If you ever have a chance to try it, Benson, don't pass it by. They're good eating too, out of this clean system. Suckers aren't good everywhere.