Source for diamond bolts

They are available from the factory (207-827-5513) as listed at under part number 01.1331.2329 with the description "DIAMOND HEAD BOLT – 4” BRASS (WITH NUT)" for $4.95 or
part number 01.1331.2330 with the description "DIAMOND HEAD BOLT – 6” BRASS (WITH NUT)" for $4.95. These prices have probably gone up and may now be more than Rollin's (207-564-3667) as listed at on his web site.

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Attention: this is a commercial but it sems to fit into this line of messages. I hope I'm not offending the Web Master Gods!
Old Town may still have a few of the 6" bolts left but they are not planning on providing them any more. As far as I know they have been out of stock of the 6" bolts for many months. They are still providing the shorter bolts. Their 4" bolts are now 4.5" long which I don't really understand but since they are longer it doesn't matter.
The 4" or 4.5" that I sell are $4.75 each with the nut. I still have a very limited supply of 6" bolts but I'm hording them for myself unless someone offers a price I cannt refuse!
Rollin Thurlow said:
I hope I'm not offending the Web Master Gods!

Rollin, you provide more than enough valuable information here to appease anyone who might be offended. The tradition of hoarding scarce resources has a long history in the canoe industry and other businesses. The Maine State Museum has an interesting pair of letters between the Kennebec and Old Town Canoe companies from World War Two when brass was in short supply. Kennebec wrote to Old Town asking if they could buy a keg of brass canoe tacks. Old Town wrote back that they were down to their last half keg of canoe tacks and would not sell any until they could find another keg for their own use first. Good luck with your long bolts,