Some cool history from Holland, Michigan

chris pearson

Michigan Canoe Nut
This is a photo we are guessing from the 20's? Its taken on Lake Macitawa in Holland, Michigan and the little girl in the middle is still alive. She is Helena Winter and is part of the Van Raalte family, who originally settled Holland. The factory to the right in the background is the Heinz pickle plant which still makes pickles today!


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Chris, cool picture! where did you get it? i'm guessing you dont have the boat too or we'd have heard about it, any idea what it is? old town?
not to hijack your thread, but i got a pile of old black and whites from the family of Tom Wattie, the park ranger who paddled with Tom Thomson, and i brought Watties canoe to NH, the light green one. Still going through them to see if there are any of Thomson.... History is a hell of a lot of fun.
On another note, i had to haul these away and save them, wonder if the rowboat is a Ditchburn?:cool: Gotta start selling, I'm outta room again. We can preside over the assembly next year in a rowboat full of ice cold IMG_4090.jpgIMG_4091.jpgSaranac.....