So What If?

Michael Leone

You call that a sail?
So I Filled Out And Printed The Customs Form Not Knowing Whether Or Not I Will Be Able To Make It To Assembly.
I Know It Will Be A Last Minute Decision If I Can Get Away For A Couple Of Days.
So Can I Just Show Up With My Canoe Without Being Registed?
No one walking in, to my knowledge, has ever been turned away from assembly. I would be very surprised if that would happen. You may not be able to get a room or meals on campus, though.
crossing the border to Canada

I have made numerous border crossings to and from Canada from Michigan. Nearly every assembly has resulted in one or two visits to Canada. I have never had to prove ownership of my canoes to the Canadians or the U.S. customs officials. If I do bring a canoe to the assembly this year I have no reason to fill out paperwork based on past experience.

Hope you can make it. We will keep an eye out for you. Will you be bringing your blue and yellow "Cub Scout" canoe?

By the way, I just made a couple of border crossings with a 1929 OT HW on top of my car - the customs folks never even mentioned the boat either on my way into New Brunswick at Houlton, ME or my way back to NY south of Montreal.