SN 13053: are these c.1919 Carleton decks?


Sail or Paddle
would appreciate opinions on whether these decks can be ID'ed as Carleton decks from a 1919 18' model. (first 2 pics)

does anyone have pics of Carleton models they can post?

everything on the build record is so far matching the canoe I have, 13053 (see my previous post). however, the very few sketches or pics I have found on the net of a Carleton have a decidedly different deck shape (other 2 pics).


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They are actually Old Town Otca decks, which really isn't all that surprising. From the time Carleton was acquired in 1910 until they discontinued the brand in 1941, the Carleton models took on more and more Old Town features. As well, Old Town was well known to substitute models for one another, and re-brand a canoe if need be to fulfill orders. In the time period your canoe was built, (which happens to be smack-dab in the middle of World War 1), Old Town was typically using AA and CS to designate grades, rather than their older Carleton equivalents "Regular" and "Indian Princess". Their are other examples of build cards near yours where OT even re-numbered a canoe from an Old Town to a Carleton.

So what you've (probably) got is an AA grade Old Town Otca that was sold as a Carleton Indian Princess.
Attached is an example of what appears to be an Old Town deck on a Carleton. Picture taken at 2009 WCHA Assembly.

The standard Carleton short deck was heart-shaped, but customers could order longer decks.


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