Shell Lake canoes

chris pearson

Michigan Canoe Nut
Hey guys,
Any experience paddling Shell Lake canoes? Looks like a 16 foot with half ribs but no stringers along with them, so maybe a Guide model with half ribs?
Hi Chris

I have a Shell LAKE. Deluxe. the half ribs are what makes it Deluxe. The way they built them is a bit different. but I like the way mine paddles. I've only paddled solo. It responds well. I've not heeled it to the rail so can't say how well it sips water. Initial and 2ndary stability are pretty good. That is to say, not too tender. I contacted Rod Ripley at the Washburn Co Historical Society and he sent me a copy of the build sheet.

the threaded rod through the decks probably kept them from splitting. The seats are fastened to stringers and seats and thwarts are attached with wood screws. there are two thwarts, no center yoke. Can't sit backwards in the bow solo. Must kneel.

I'd rank them somewhere between the beloved Chestnuts and the benchmark Old Towns. Closer to Chestnuts.


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Oh, I forgot

the half ribs dont' have stringers. I paddled it before actually getting it done. Here's a photo of thenearly complete project. I've got 60 hours into it.


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