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I Have Purchased A Canoe With The Serial Number C6601640414. Can Any One Tell Me Who Made It And When It Was Built.
The short answer is no, I can't tell you anything about your canoe from that number. My guess is that this is a modern Hull Identification Number (HIN) that has been a Federal requirement since November 1st, 1972. These usually start with three letters that are known as the Manufacturer Identification Code (MIC) assigned by the Coast Guard. If the C66 in your number is really CGG then it was built by Casariego Boat Works, Inc. who manufactured "Sailboats, (with or without engine) Catamarans, Trimarans" in Miami, Florida between 7/7/1995 and 5/30/1997. This information and more can be found at or at to look up another company. More information about how the HIN has changed over the years can be found at if you want more details. Now what can you tell us?

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Thanks for your reply Benson. This canoe is a later model wooden hull canoe with a layer of canvas/plastic or kevlar exterior. C66 could possibly be CGG in the serial number. This is hand engraved into the outer surface. Also the outer surface is in deteriorating condition. Is it possible to remove this surface and replace it with a traditional canvas surface? Where might I find canoe repair supplies and instructions?
It is often possible to remove a fiberglass outer surface from a traditional rib / planking canoe and replace it with canvas. This topic is being discussed at if you want more specifics. This may be considerably less practical if your canoe was originally a 'strip built' style of wood in a fiberglass sandwich or other less traditional technique. Repair supplies are availabe from many of the restorers listed at in the Online Builder's Catalogs and at in the Directory of Builders and Suppliers. Instructions can be found is several of the books listed at in the Virtual Bookstore. This may turn out to be quite a project. Good luck,