serial number I.......

Attached is build record for the Old Town canoe with serial number 168082. Compare the details on the card (which unfortunately were few in this time period) with your canoe to see if it is a possible match. I am not aware of any makers marking canoes with sn's as high as 700,000s.


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Dan, Thanks for the information on my brothers canoe that he purchased when we were living in NJ. The date and time are correct. I now have the canoe in my barn in Massachusetts, and it is in very good original condition. I am not sure what to do with the canoe but it probably it will need a new yellow canvas and a little wood touch up? Do you know any one that does this type of work in this area?
Thanks Again, David
Yellow, yellow canvas inside,15 feet, purchased in 1959 in NJ.

This is all i know... its my dads canoe so..