serial no. request

ron sweet

Curious about Wooden Canoes
The serial no. of my 17 foot canoe is 22012
I would like to know the year it was built and an estimated value
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More info?

Dear Mr. Sweet,

Thanks for your request. Could you please supply a bit more information? Without a photo, it's hard to know how to answer this. What shape is it in? Canvas, wood finish, hardware, damage? A canoe may OR may not be significantly rare or unusual. The condition it's in will be a factor as well, have there been modifications to it's original condition that you can detect? Often past repairs or modifications enhance or can reduce a canoes value. Tell us more about this canoe.
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Kennebec canvas & cedar canoe

Thank you for the reply
I don't have a photo but I have owned and used the canoe for over 30 years. As far as I can tell it was in original condition when I bought it. I did however repaint the canvas a lovely red and revarnished the interior at that time and it still looks great although it could use a little touch up her and there. The seats were originally cained but I chose to have them covered in red canvas. It also has a keel which makes it handle well on lakes
I am considering selling it will take some detailed photos at that time.
Thanks again for your time.

I also received another e-mail regarding an anger problem and I have no idea what that is about. Maybe I accidently used the icon with the angry face.