serial #12656 when was this built



I help out with the Old Town records and they seem to have a good system of recording their boats. I have the Kennebec catalog covers but no info on the SN search. I fear they were not as organized as Old Town or we would have the records to help. Maybe some pic's posted, dimensions, suspected model, etc., may trigger some one who has a Kennebec.

The Kennebec canoe with the serial number 12656 is an 18-1/2' Maine Guide canoe. It was planked by Grant (Walter D. presumably) on 3/1/1919, and covered and 1st filler by Roy on the same day. Unfortunately, they fell down on the job, and neglected to fill out the rest of the columns for this canoe, so we cannot tell you when or to where it was shipped, or what color it was. The Maine State Museum has possession of the original ledger books, and they allowed us to make a copy of the Kennebec records, but won't allow electronic distribution of them.


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