Seliga # 109


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Greetings all,

I am looking to gain more knowledge of a Camp Widji boat. It is Joe and Nora Seliga # 109 dated 3-3-1981. I am assisting my friend on a restore so it may be returned to Camp Widji on labor day 2011. I have some knowledge of the boat and have learned it made 6 trips to the Arctic Circle from Widji prior to receiving this damage we are repairing. It is a beautiful 16' wood canvas with the great artisan handwork from Joe and Nora.

thanks in advance,
Hey Nelson,

I should have read this post before responding to your other post. :)

I've talked to a couple other guys you know about this canoe.

Widji 109 is S/N 81 435 2, meaning it the build was started in Feb 1981 and it was picked up on 3-2-81. It was Joe's canoe number 435 and was Joe's actual 376th canoe built. Oh, btw. this should be a 17 ft canoe, not 16 ft. All (?) of Widji's 16 ft canoes, (about 7 of them) have Widji number in the 20 or 30's.

It was originally bought by Mark and Karen Sizer and donated to Widji, it was Dolphin blue originally. It was ordered extra deep and with a shoe keel, meaning it was intended for rivers. So your comment's about trips to the artic make sense.

Please post some pics of your progress and launching so we can play along.