Seeking Experenced Restorer In San Francisco Area


Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
The mahogany pre-bent, pre-moulded outwales that I have were purchased from Old Town about twenty years ago and the previous owner never installed them on the canoe. Since then the bends have relaxed about four to six inches. Outside of that they will fit rather nicely. I expect that I will have to rebend the ends to fit. However I have never done this before and if I bust one or both, I will surely be up the creek without a paddle. I could use some help or sage advise.


I don't know if you are interested, but I live in Reno. I can probably help you out. I have actually done a couple of restorations for folks in the valley there. Gil Nickle of Far Niente, and one other fellow who's name escapes me right now. Drop me a line and we can see if we can hook up.

Mark Adams
Not sage but--

don't pay no attention to the planking pattern but here is what ya need, after a fashion. You can fasten the 'wales in the center and steam them in place and bend and fasten as you go. The blue is camper sewer hose. Expands and contracts as needed like accordian. Put the steam to it for 50 minutes and it will go easy. Don't force it. Near the ends the steam will be on it for a little longer once you get that far.


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