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I have just finished up a '24 OT HW but for one little thing. The seats were hung using spacer dowels of course. The dowels fore and aft are different length, does the long pair go in front or in back, I forgot to note it when I took it apart. What does this compensate for?



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The long ones go in the front so the guy in the back (stern) can see better, plus make the boat a bit more steady.

You may have some very short ones that would fit on the back two bolts of the stern seat so the seat is level to the bottom of the boat and not tilted forward. This is all based on the rise of the gunnel.

The canoe looks great.

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Thanks Paul,
The short ones on the stern seat is what I was confused about. So the shortest dowels go extreme aft. The longer dowels on the forward seat are the same length.
when I make a set for a canoe, there will be a long set and short set, and in each set there will be 2 longer and 2 shorter pieces, as the spacers on a given set will be slightly differnet between front and rear, to match the shear of the gunwales. (Also, I usually have a slight taper on one end depending on the tumblehome of the canoe)

I position the seats, both front and rear, to be slightly down at the front edge, maybe 1/4 inch. Level the canoe with a long level and then use the level on the seats to get them at the slight angle. Usually the rear seat is a little higher then the front, though mine, I set them both as low as I can, to improve stability.

Thanks Dan,
This is such a simple thing to cause me any consternation but I can tell the dowels had been replaced some time in the past. They were too thick, as to stick out from the inwale quite a bit, and they were a bit crude. I replaced them with drilled out 3/4 dowel stock but got stuck with the proper length.
Thanks to you and Paul again for making it easier to understand.
I am a kayaker in a slightly different world and could envision showing off my restored canoe and not being able to stay in the seat.
The Northwest chapter is having a gettogether at Lake Whatcom in May and that will be where I get some good paddling (single paddle) lessons. I'll also get some feedback on the beavertail paddles I carved for her.
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I believe the Spring Rendezvous is here: Camp Lutherwood, Lake Samish, Bellingham, WA.

Sorry for butting in here but I'd sure hate for you to go to all the work to get your canoe ready and then turn up at the wrong lake with none of the canoe buds to admire your accomplishment.

By the way, how about posting a couple photos for those of us who might not be able to make it to the May weekend?
You bet! Thanks a lot.
Try to make it, the rain gods will be sleeping that weekend.