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Good Evening,

Are there plans for these somewhere on-line?

I need something to solidly hold a canoe around waist level while I de-gunk-ify the inside, without dingin'-up the outside. I don't want to kneel on the cold, hard, ground for this one. My back aches just thinking about it! Plus I have a ginormous garage to work in now, and the paint remover will work better longer out of the sun and wind.

Okay, it's mostly about my comfort.


How about a couple of de-gunk-ifing saw horses... Can't hurt them and it will save the good stuff from seeing the gunky stuff. Nothing better for the outside and for the inside, use the stands shown in Canoecraft with the carpet straps for holding canoes upright... You can replace the carpet straps and no harm done either... IMOH
The canoe's broad beam and flat bottom make that less than ideal. I want to be able to rock it over for easier access to the innards.

I'll figure it out and make something cheap and utilitarian. No fancy wood going into this project, just pine 2x.
Mine look like this. Uprights are 48" long, feet are 36" long. Note the little rope connecting the uprights near the bottom to keep them from spreading any farther. There are probably other designs out there for the same sort of thing, but these seem to work pretty well.


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Thanks for postig the pic Todd, I like the folding feature.

Mine are just an "H" with 2x4 verticles and horizontals, and a piece of scrap plywood for the cross piece. I made the webbing adjustable witha rabbet and clamp block, but found that once set, I haven't needed that feature. I used 2" nylon trailer winch material for the web and covered it with scrap carpet to make it "easy" on the canoe.

That's a good idea Todd. Sometimes small and simple is best.

Like most things "shopmade" for my shop, I tend to over build. Mine are a couple big A frames saw horses with a detachable flat bar that fit over the uprights. There is also a storage shelve on the bottom (which doesn't really get used so often) and the whole contraption is on locking wheels (in the photo the the wheels have not been attached yet). I like to be able to move things around.


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Thanks for the great ideas. I have an old trailer winch strap but no trailer, so that will work! I love the wheels idea, even have a set of wheels that will work great! There's never a helper around when you need one.
I'm thinking about screwing a 1x4 from one horse to the other so when I wheel them around they both travel at the same time.

Now I have to find where I put the webbing and the wheels. That might be the hardest part of this project!

Thanks again for all the input.

I may be a little late, but I've found that off cuts of canvas make great slings. I like to cut a strip about 10" wide, and fold over the edges, leaving a sling about 6" wide.
I have found an old beach towel quite satisfactory.

I made my cradle for an Old Town plastic 2-person kayak (read "heavy") from 1x5 lumber I got from HD's remainder bin -- I was looking for 1x4 which I think would do as well, and would be much lighter than 2x4, and banged the cradles together without plans using drywall screws and glue -- about the width of the boat to be stored, and as high as seemed right, about 35 inches.
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