Saving the decal?

Blue Viking

Wooden Canoe Maniac
:confused: Is there a way that I can SAVE the original decal on my OTCA? the original varnish is lifting and it appears that any touching of the area and the decal and it is begining to lift or crumble...Maybe Old Town has replacement decals...Has anyone found a way to solve this dilema?...Was PLEASED to see that the outwales are Mahogany!...that is going to be a nice contrast to the inwales. Going full bore on this one...Getting my canvas from Bill Clement along with some bedding and intend to get that thing done ASAP...I love the lines of the OTCA...must be the VIKING in me!:D
Thanks...that one just crumbled as I looked at it...will get a new one when its done...Cheap at that price and no frustration over trying to save the old one.