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A local gentlemen (Bristol, New Hampshire) is getting rid of some "junk" at his former kids summer camp. He is giving away a w/c 4-person racing canoe supposedly built and used in Boston's Charles River area way back when. I checked it out and it is in bad shape but not so bad it couldn't be repaired. A delivery truck ran over the stern end so it is entirely gone and there are a few more broken ribs here and there. Mahogany rails and thwarts, low sleek profile, triangular split deck. It seemed unique enough, not the run of the mill Old Town, but I don't have the room or inclination to work on it. I'd hate to see it turned to ashes. Anyone interested? I can email photos...
Jon- did you get any pics? Sounds like this one is fairly unusual. If it is Charles River, I would love to add some information to the Charles River builders database.

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I am in the process of restoring a very old Charles River and would be interested in seeing the photos of the one your speaking about. I am also looking for anyone who may have information about this model. Let me know more about the canoe you are talking about and if it is still available and from where.

Here are 2 photos...

two photos are attached hopefully....


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Charles River Model

I am restoring a 1921 OT Charles River CS. What information do you need for your database?