Sailing Rig hardware and suppliers


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hello, I wrote to Old Town and they confirmed they are no longer supplying sailing rigs for their canoes. I was curious if any members were aware of suppliers of hardware (rudder pintles, leeboard thwart brackets, sails, etc) or builders currently making sailing rigs. I've seen the rigs at Cedar Island Canoes, but they appear to be moving to a new location and not currently operating. I've also seen some aluminum/plastic rigs at Sailboats to Go, but I am interested in getting or making a rig similiar to the Old Town suppled sail kit, with the 55 sq foot sail.
Has anyone put together a sailing kit recently?
Bill H.
18' Guide Special
I don't know of anyone who is currently manufacturing complete reproductions of the wooden Old Town sail rigs or I would have bought one by now. Most of the bronze parts are available from Bristol Bronze at (401) 625-5224 or the Springfield Fan Centerboard Company at 413-547-8364 but they can be expensive. The Dragonfly Canoe Works site at has a variety of used Old Town sail rig parts for sale.

Another approach is to look for old canoes with a sail rig that you can salvage. This is what I have been doing so please don't bid me up. Good luck,