Sailing Canoe for Sale

Malcolm Soderston

Sailing Canoe
As I'm 82 and widowed, an 18ft sailing canoe is more than I can handle.
Any advise on how I can sell for the best price and to someone who will appreciate it.

Old Town 1929 -- 18ft Sponson Sailing Canoe
Canoe Number--100431
Old town order number-- 5584
Built--January 1929 to June 10,1929
Shipped --June 15,1929
Shipped To--Bither & Finger
Canaan, New York

Includes ( All Original 1929)
Mast and booms for Lateen sail (sail cloth not included)
Leeboards (function as a centerboard )
All harware for above items
Other items
3 Paddles (one not 1929 )
1 set of Oars
Brass Oarlocks
Rowing seat with foot brace

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I suggest joining. You'd be supporting a great organization and get an included subscription to our Journal. It's a real bargain.