S/n 016319?


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Just looking for some info on a 16' cedar strip with S/N 016319. There are no other marking on the boat other than that. Does anybody out there have any idea who made the boat and what model it may be? I'd appreciate any help.


Hi James--

We'd need to begin with pictures. I don't know any canoe companies that began their serial numbers with a zero. Is this an older canoe, or by "cedar strip" do you mean a "stripper"-- or a canoe built with cedar strips and fiberglass? This is why pictures help!

Records exist for only about five of the old canoe companies, but sometimes a serial number will help identify a builder.

I'll take some pictures tomorrow. Unless a number was removed which it doesn't look to be the case the serial number definitely begins with a 0. As for what the canoe is made of it is a Cedar strip of some age and not a stripper that is covered in fiberglass. Is there anything in particular that you would like me to take pictures of? The boat has apparently been re-canvased once in the past
Hi James,

A cedarstrip generally does not have canvas. To get an idea of what a true cedarstrip looks like, see my post in the canoe photo index under 1978 Walter Walker cedarstrip. What you probably have is a wood/canvas canoe. Wide, flat ribs, planked with material about 3 inches wide? If you are north of the border, I think wood/canvas canoes are sometimes called cedarstrips. At any rate, as far as pictures go, one of the overall shape, a pic of the decks, one of the serial number if possible, and one of the interior.

There is a manufacturer who made w/c canoes that were planked with very narrow planking. I cannot remember the name of said manufacturer to save my life though! Dan Miller knows, perhaps he'll pipe up when you have your pics posted.

Here are some picturse of the boat.


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Looks like a Chestnut to me Unfortunately, records for Chestnut do not exist so there is really no way of getting detailed build information.

It might also be a Peterborough as there was some intermixing of canoes when the companies were amalgamated.

It should restore beautifully though!