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Does anyone have a photograh of the American Beauty decks that they would be willing to post? I'm trying to figure out how they are supposed to look. I do have the grainy old black and white photo from the repro catalogue but I'm hoping for a better look at the details.

Dan Miller probably can take photos of the A.B. that is at Clayton but if he can't contact Russ Hicks head of the Michigan Chapter. He is listed in the Chapter Heads section of "Wooden Canoe" He has the only other know A. B. besides the one currently at Clayton {actually belongs to the Adirondack Museum}. If you are working on one please post photos --I'm sure we would all like to see it.
Good Luck, Denis
AB in Clayton

Maybe I'll take a run up there to look at it. I can take and post photo's after I pick up the boat. I'm assuming it's a Beauty. But, I'm not totally sure that's what it is. It has the same lines as my "Girl" but the decks are not the same.

I'll be at the museum next week, and can try to get photos for you. I will be helpful to know what you are looking for...

If you do want to run up to the museum call, myself or John Summers first - the museum is closed for the season, but you can get in by appointment. My schedule up there varies, as I am only working about half time until we finish up the house and get it on the market...

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the note. I guess I'll hold off until spring before I run up to Clayton. When do you open?

I'm trying to figure out what kind of canoe I have. I just moved and can't figure out where Atwood's book is packed away:( so I'm kind of winging it and guessing that it's an AB. It has the longer and rounded decks that were typical of the AB. The standard IG decks (unshaped) are underneath these "decorative" decks holding the inwales together.

To answer your question about what I am looking for, basically some pictures of the construction of the decks on the AB or advice about what to look for.

The gunwales and decks appear to be oak, not ash or cherry. So maybe AB is way off track and it's something completely different. It is a Rushton though and it's lines (except the decks) are seemingly identical to my Girl.

It is not in my posession at this point so I can't post any pictures of it yet. I'll bring it home in the spring.
The American Beauty would only have been available in A grade, which means cherry gunwales and trim (apparently they may have also offered it with mahogany trim at one point).

The use of oak implies a B grade Indian Girl, or if later, a CG or OI grade (depending on style of gunwales). The Navahoe would also have oak trim.

Are your long decks one-piece or three piece?

Attached is a shot of the American Beauty presently at the ABM. The museum opens for the season on May 9.



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Not an AB

My decks are three piece, something that I did not realize was an option for the IG. Considering that the AB was cherry or ash and one piece decks it made no sense to me that I would have one with three piece decks.

So, you think I have another IG?

By the way, thanks for the photo, worth a thousand words. What a gorgeous little canoe that is.
Yes, the long decks were an option for the Indian Girl, but apparently only for the latest ones - they are not offered in the 1907 catalog (the IG was not shown at all in the 1908 catalog). The circa 1915 J.W. Rushton catalog shows the long three-piece decks a few times - the image below shows the long decks on an OI (open inwale) grade which would have oak or ash trim - the CG grade would be the same, but closed gunwale.



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That's it then, a B grade IG with the three piece long decks. Open gunwales with the typical Rushton shape. This one will need some work but it's not too bad. Stems are good but one of the inwales is shattered in numerous places. Anyone have a piece of 8 1/2 wide cedar laying around? I'll need it.

I appreciate the help pinning this down. Thanks.
I have some larger Cedar. What length of clear do you need. It is 1 inch rough and air dried. Kathryn and I will be at the assembly and could take a piece with us. I think mailing it or shipping would be a bit expensive.
Peace, Denis
Thanks for the offer

I appreciate the offer. I sent you a note to your private Email. Hopefully we can work something out. I'd like to retain the original construction so a wide board will be nice to have.
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