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Did Robertson ever round over the tops of his stems? It would make the appear almost half-round in profile. Anyone know who did?
Robertson Stems

I've attached pictures of two Robertson stems. The stems are from a short deck and a long deck canoe. The short deck canoe has no metal tag, but Robertson is stamped into the top of the thwart near the rails. The long deck has a metal Robertson tag.

There are more photos of the canoes here:


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This is not what I meant. The crossection of the stem in the bottom of the canoe would appear half round.
Yep, Canoeal, I posted the pictures as examples of Robertson stems that I know about. They are pretty much square in profile, but the edges are beveled or eased.

After going through the picture and a whole mess of paper, I found the two canoes with rounded stems. One was an early Racine model B 68, the other appears to be a Racine Seneca Model. Thanks for all the suggestions.
Al Bratton