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I thought I would share some photos of my next project to ease WCHA Cabin Fever.

This is a 15 foot - so called "Robertson" canoe. I posted some pictures of this canoe a couple of years ago when I first got it. General consensus was it is a Charles River canoe and maybe a Robertson, or maybe built in the area and used in Robertson's canoe livery. There is a serial no. stamped on both stems, "3125 33 15". The Robertson name is also stamped on both ends of the thwart.
I just got looking it over good today and I'm going to start stripping the finish soon. There are some photos in an album Here:

Today, I noticed some evidence of earlier repairs. Some of the planking is split where large tacks were added at some point. Also the caning is in good shape, so I suspect that was redone. The stems are really, really beat up suggesting to me it was canvassed more than once. The thwart has also been repaired where the carriage bolt pulled through the end grain. Upon closer inspection the mahogany thwart is broken in half and a metal plate has been screwed across the break on the underside of the thwart. Otherwise I think it's pretty much intact. The planking is pretty good, but you'll see one "problem area" :rolleyes:.

I'll keep updating the album as I make glacial progress.


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