Road Trip: Adirondacks, Green Mountains


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Howdy folks. I am currently planning on taking a trip this August from Toronto to the Adirondacks,then through to Vermont and the Green Mountains, then north to Montreal then Ottawa. I am wonderinng if there are ay must-see or must stop off places in the Adirondack and Vermont regions that you can recommend. I'll be toting my boat but keeping an eye out for rotting cedar. Recommendations please!
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There are quite a few places in the Adirondacks worth seeing. In the High Peaks region the Saranacs offer some great lakes and rivers for canoeing. We will be heading to Rollins Pond Camp Ground in the Saranacs at the end of August for a week of camping. I'm hoping to include my newly restored 1945 Otca on the trip. I have to wait and see how the paint dries. Could be close.
A little south of the Saranacs is Long Lake and then Blue Mountain Lake. There is a great Museum in the town of Blue Mountain Lake. If you enjoy Local history it's worth the stop. They have a nice collection of boats that are worth seeing. Guide boats, canoes:) power boats. The Fulton chain of lakes is also a nice paddle in the area.
If white water is more to your taste there is a section of the Hudson river that stretches from Indian Lake to North River that at times could be quite technical. There are rafting companies that use the stretch on a regular basis. White Water Challengers is one of the companies up there. Water from the Indian River is released on certain days to make things more interesting. You would need to do a little research before trying this.:eek:

Hope that helps!
I guess the Saranacs would be 'hallowed ground'? Is there anybody's workshop out there where I can see the finer points to cedar canvas construction? This is also a shameless bump for vermont. I havn't heard anything about it.
Check out the Builder's list on this website. Those that come immediately to mind for me are Scott Barkdoll (Vermont), Geoff Burke & Tom Seavey (New Hampshire). There are others.
Rob Stevens said:
Check out the Builder's list on this website. Those that come immediately to mind for me are Scott Barkdoll (Vermont), Geoff Burke & Tom Seavey (New Hampshire). There are others.

Thanks. I'm a little bit shy to come out of the blue though. But I'll take a look.
Three places in Vermont (of many) that we have of interest are:

University of Vermont Morgan Horse Farm
Weybridge, VT 05753 (near Middlebury)

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
Vergennes, VT
Small Watercraft Festival, August 8-9

Shelburn Museum
Shelburn VT

in New York:

Fort Ticonderoga
Ticonderoga, NY

Adirondack Museum
Blue Mountain Lake, NY

If you are in the neighborhood, there is at least one restaurant in Whitehall, NY where you can watch boats as they lock through in the Champlain Canal while you eat lunch.

Adirondacks of NY, Green Mountains of VT, White Mountains of NH, are all great places to be traveling in the summer. I did those routes every summer for about 15 years, going from Ottawa to Maine, in late July, early August.

If you are leaving from Toronto, I assume you'll cross into NY at Thousand Islands. I believe its Hwy.3 that takes you from near Watertown to Saranac Lake and Lake Placid. At that point, your first big decision is whether you'll take a ferry across Lake Champlain, or drive around the top or the bottom.

Once in Vermont, I recommend that you stay off the Interstate (unless you really need to cover ground quickly) and follow the secondary roads through the mountain passes and valleys. The scenery is fabulous and you'll have more fun going through all the little towns. Lots of mountain streams and small rivers where you can toss your canoe in and enjoy paddling about (although that's one thing I never really got to do on my travels). Saw lots of others doing it. Same story holds true for New Hampshire. Two of my all-time favorite places to travel. Just don't be anywhere near southern NH during a NASCAR race weekend at Louden. Every motel within 200 miles will be booked solid. (I once drove almost the whole way back to the Quebec border looking for a room, then wound up sleeping in the car).

Doesn't really matter which of the back roads you take through the hills; they all have great little places, lots of antique shops, things to do and see. I tried to take a different path each year, so I've been on most of the roads and through most of the passes. I have a couple of favorites, but they're all fun.

Enjoy yourself. I'm envious at the thought, and reveling in my memories.
Thanks all.

Yeah this is the first vacation I've given myself -ever. I've mostly had my head down doing school and career stuff -up until now. I'll be with a number of friends in the ADKs and then solo through Vermont et cetera.

Speaking of which, I just gave my canoe a pre-trip touchup. The enamel is drying as I type.