ribs are on the 27" form

Andre Cloutier

Firestarter. Wicked Firestarter.
Wow what fun, can an entire canoe be far behind?
Sure red oak isnt a typical boat wood, ('cept for Rushton keels, right Dan?) but it was lying around and the price was right. Subsequent models will use more appropriate and lighter woods...
Introducing the space age steambox, aluminum drier flex ducting and
lots of 100mph tape.:eek:


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I thought it was a wanigan, Andre -though I have never understood why some folks build them curved. Sure it fits the canoe nicely, but they are challenging to pack given that pots tend to be mainly straight sided.
Ya, I know, esthetics and traditional canoe building materials and techniques,...
Plywood suits me fine (prefer baltic birch for appearance and superior strength to weight). My buddy Scott prefers the top, bottom and ends to be solid pine. Of course, his must be painted green, since that's the colour scheme of the camp he went to a child.

though I have never understood why some folks build them curved

I told ya, I had clothes drier ducting and race tape lying around.:rolleyes:
birdseye & walnut

striped lid to follow
what winter blues? no cabin fever here.
cashier at the hardware store looked sideways when i purchased 20' of manilla rope and coleman fuel, guess i looked suspicious.:p


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