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We have a canoe that is in bad need of repair. Are there any Indigenous builders on this forum or anyone know of an Indigenous builder that could be recommended? We are in Minnesota. Thank you!
The list at the first link below has a variety of options. I'm not sure if any of them would be considered "Indigenous builders." The second link is for an excellent birch bark canoe builder and restorer in Wisconsin who has posted here occasionally. Good luck,


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Hello, 2RG, I am familiar with Ferdy and his work and his relationship with the Indian community. He has valuable videos and books. I've owned one of his canoes. I would suggest you start there. Ferdy restored a bark canoe owned by Ralph Freese of CAnoebase in Chicago. Ralph specified that the canoe be restored by Ferdy only. There are other fine builders but Ferdy has built close to one hundred canoes and restored others. He knows.