Removing inwales


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Any easy ways to remove inwales for replacement? The current ones are held in place by 2-3 steel tacks through the rib ends. This 14' canoe was heavily fiberglassed (two layers of cloth on much of it) when I got it in the Temagami area. I've removed the fiberglass and I don't think it ever had canvas on it as there are no tack holes in the stems. Most of the steel tacks holding the inwales in place are covered with resin which doesn't make it easy to get them out.
If you are replacing the inwales, take an old chisel and split the inwale along the nail line. You can also use a saber saw with a metal cutting blade to make a shallow cut into the inwale at each rib, cutting the nails, but you risk damage to the ribs and planking if you are not careful.

I'm sure there are many more tricks of the trade that others will contribute.
I vote for the saw method. Just pop the nail heads through when you ard done. Chiseling can cause damage to tender rib tips.
Good Luck!