Removing Hardware


Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
I need suggestions as the best way to remove the hardware that is holding on my outwales. They appear to be very small flathead nails that have threads(like a screw) on them. About 3/4" long. What do you call these?

Here's the problem. Some are holding on the outwale. Once I break away the rotted wood, I am able to get my vise grips on them for removal. Some come right out, some break off. ...this is a 35 year old canoe... Is there a better way to try and remove these? Also, in some places under the outwales these same little nails are driven into the shell of the canoe to hold an inner item in place - such as the decks. The few of these I have to remove, I have simply used a small screwdriver and jammed it in between the shell and the screw head in order to create seperation - then I can use my vise grips to yank out.

I just want to know if there is a more gentle way, or if I am doing the right thing and just need to try and do it as carefully as possible.

Ring shank nails

Ya, they like to stay put.

My only experience with them is on the rib to inner rail joint.

On old ones, I try to get a little gap between the rib and rail and use a hacksaw blade to cut it. On others I use a hammer or cats paw to remove them, using a putty know as a backer to avoid crushing the planking/rib.