Registration - nit picking - i.e. constructive criticism

Mike Heines

Upstate Canoe Sailor
The following is intended as constructive criticism only. I guess I'm already anticipating a good time in Peterborough!

I would have liked to use the promised registration form for the 2008 Assembly that was to be included in the April Wooden Canoe. Trouble is, I didn't get one with my copy. Any chance we can get a pdf posted on the web site to download, print, and use?


Mike the PITA
Apparently, Dan Miller (webmaster extraordinaire) is on the road just now. I will try to post the 2 pages of the registration form here.

Also, here is more info about off campus camping.

Peterborough & the Kawarthas Tourism;


Campgrounds in or near Peterborough

Anchor Bay Camp Ltd
292 Anchor Bay Rd., RR#1 Peterborough

Buckhorn Narrows Resort
PO Box 99, Buckhorn Narrows Rd. Buckhorn

Cadigan's Camp
305 Cadigan Rd. RR1 Peterborough

Camp Ashtabula Cottages & Trailer Park
334 Elim Lodge Rd., RR#1 Peterborough
705-657-8521 1-877-657-7977

Camp Fisherman
Fire Route 75, RR#1 Peterborough
705-657-8321 1-800-616-6712

Emily Provincial Park
797 Emily Park Rd., RR#4 Omemee
705-799-5170 1-888-ONT-PARK

Godfrey's Resort
1165 Villiers Line, RR#1 Keene

Golden Beach Resort
7100 County Rd.18 Roseneath
905-342-5366 1-800-263-7781

Highland View Resort
751 McGregor Bay Rd. Keene
705-295-6697 1-800-567-5607

Indian River Hideaway
2140 Hwy 7 Indian River
705-295-4848 1-866-399-1980

Lakefield Park & Campground
59 Hague Blvd. Lakefield
705-652-8610 1-800-316-8841

Lancaster Cottage & Trailer Resort
691 Frankhill Rd. Peterborough
705-742-6947 1-877-391-0110

Pineaires Resort
RR#1, Elbow Point Rd. Lakefield
705-657-8094 1-888-287-9637

Serpent Mounds Park
End of County Rd. 34, RR#2 Keene
705-295-6879 1-866-223-3332

Six Foot Bay Resort & Golf Course
Six Foot Bay Rd. (Fire Route 39), RR#1 Lakefield

Warsaw Caves Conservation Area
289 Caves Rd. Warsaw
705-652-3161 1-877-816-7604

Willowood Camp
4 Parker Dr. RR#3 Roseneath
905-352-2821 1-877-352-2821 (US Only)

Woodland Camp Site
355 Allen's Road RR1 Peterborough
705-657-8946 1-877-854-5644


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Just got my April issue yesterday....form included. Now I just have to fill it out and write a check. Looking forward to it.
Robb -
Any ideas on proximity of the listed campgrounds to the Assembly site? Drive times? Pubs?