re-canvassing a square stern

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Going to maine next weekend to see if I can talk to either Rollin Thurlow's crew or Jerry stelmok....I need to get a plan in my head on just how much waste there will be in stretching at the stern end of a squareback...will pick up all my supplies at that time I guess....Has anyone out there everre-canvased a square stern that could give any input.... this is my email addresss.... Still have no clue who made this one!....kinda unique with half ribs the whole length of it!

aircraft dracron is heat shrinking, doesn't rot, stronger, and lighter. I have used canvas and dracron and for my books multiple layers of aircraft dacron is alot better as well as easier to apply. the square stern is no particular problem.
Covering Square Stern?

I did a rowboat not long ago. Pretty straight forward. I did the upside down tug and staple method. Went well. Not much extra material was required. If you use stretchers, a little more length would be needed.
Thanks for that information Dave....Not familiar with the method you did..Been reading about the "Canoe" canvassing procedures. Sure could use more details on this method. Any reading material you could suggest that would enlighten me. I really dont need about 25 pairs of filler mittens from the surplus I am looking at buying.B]