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Mark Adams

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Hi all,

Seems that I vaguely recall someone years ago that offered plans for the Radix telescoping centerboard. Does anyone have these plans? If so, could I get a copy?


I am not aware of anyone offering construction plans for a Radix centerboard. Todd Bradshaw offers a concept in his book "Canoe Rig", but I don't believe it has been tested. His design is similar in concept, but quite different in design, than the original.

You can download the original patent (number 319,930) from http://www.uspto.gov or http://www.pat2pdf.org/ - the patent gives you a surprising amount of information (but no dimensions), which if you have an orginal to compare to, should allow you to reproduce it. I've got a couple Radix boards (a 30" and 36") and have thought about doing just this. Unfortunately, the 30" is attached to a Rushton and I'm reluctant to take it apart, and I can't see much utility from my perspective for a 36" board (yet...).

Was looking at my Radix and found a patent stamped date of June 5, 83, two years before patent 319930. The box is marked : THE RADIX MANUFACTURING CO., 39 OLS SLIP NY.

That would be the date patent 278776 was issued - see attached. Look again at the address - I bet it is 39 Old Slip, which you can mapquest to locate


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An ooold post that came alive! I recently remembered where I had seen mention of the Radix plans. It was in the article about the restoration of "Terror." It wasn't Bob, but rather Douglas Fowler that had the plans.