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Curious about Wooden Canoes
I accidently originally posted this within an existing tread, my apologies.

After putting the Benjamin Button fiasco behind me, my search continued, I was looking for a square stern canoe, or a wood canvas boat in restorable condition. Well with a lil help from my friends, I found it! The canvas and main structure is very sound, the bottom strips and keel are rotted. The interior is in need extensive elbow grease but it seems to be a worthy candidate for restro. The question is, who made her? She is 16' feet long, and 54' wide at midship wood canvas sponson boat. Ive included a few photos, if any other's are needed let me know, she sits in my garage.

Twin Pines

Someone suggested it was a Penn Yan, anybody know where the numbers would be?


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I'm with Mark- looks like an Old Town. The sponson-mounted oarlock bases and the wooden sub-bases look like Old Town, as does the floor rack and the overall construction of the hull. Notice the cleats under the stern seat- those are where a small drawer once existed. These were the norm on Old Town square-sterns like this, but the drawers often get separated from the boats. On those like this that I've restored, the serial number has been stamped into the stem. It may be obscured by all the old varnish and crud. Put some paint/varnish stripper on the stem, and you might uncover a serial number.

I'll give it a shot, there are several layers of varnish to remove. By any chance do you have a picture/ pictures of the drawer? Id like to replace it.


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