Project canoe


Unrepentant Canoeist
I was at a canoe/kayak race today (Des Plaines River Marathon;, NE Illinois), and a friend told me about a canoe in his daughter-in-law's recently-deceased grandfather's barn's attic (or something like that), a W/C, but the canvas is long gone. He didn't know if there was any interest in old canoes like this. I told him a little about WCHA, and indicated my interest. I told him I need another project boat... Yeah, like I'm going to get around to my '46 Old Town anytime soon... but I'm hoping this will be my first Rescue Effort. Given the Northern Illinois location, best guess is an Old Town, but you never know.

Also ran into Ralph Frese at this event. He got diverted by some other folks, and I got pulled away in another direction, but it's always good to see him. And any day by the river is a good one...