Prime Time?

Ray Irons

Paddler WCHA #7610
It's going to be time to bite the bullet and paint the new canvas on my '24 OTHW. My question to you sages is shall I prime or not? Joe Seliga's book doesn't mention primer. The " Maine Guide Canoe" describes the use of primer coat or surfacing paint, two coats, first of which is thinned. And later, "The Wood and Canvas Canoe" says paint with brushing liquid, second coat with more brushing liquid than the first. All with a lot of sanding between coats, of course.
I am leaning toward a high build primer like 3m surfacing primer as I replaced 21 ribs and 90% of the planking and there are some "irregularities" that I am sure I could even out sanding each coat.
The bright parts have turned out very nice, I hope to get the best job I can on the paint.