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F Harvey Bowley

Builder 3rd generation
after spending 35 years in the computer field i thought i could solve most any computer problem (other than a dead hdd) but posting a picture to this website sure has me buffaloed i cant even load a picture to my profile guess thats why i got out of the field
File size...

I had the same problem until Tim got me straightened out... reduce the size of the file to under 20k, I think. This works for an avatar that you can upload as a jpeg file. I used photoshop 7 to reduce the size and/or the number of colors to get the same affect. For an Icon, you need a icon editor as it is not just a small file... Try it and it should work... CYA, Joe
Avatars and Profile pictures are loaded through the User CP option in the menu banner. There are limits of 80x80 pixels or 19.5K for avatars and 100x100 pixels or 64k - in both cases whichever is smaller.

To attach an image to your post, use the "advanced reply" not the "quick reply" found at the end of a thread. Below the window where you type your message you will find a button labeled "manage attachements". Click on that to upload up to 5 attachements. There is a 1MB limit each for these attachements.

Looking forward to seeing your pics.