Possible Robertson?


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I finalized a deal on this little 17-footer tonight.

The furthest back the history goes is around 1950, when it was saved from a burning boathouse in Auburndale, MA. That town's connection with J.R. Robertson - combined with photos on the wonderful rossbros.com - lead me to believe this might be its identity.

The seller can't find any markings and thought it might be an Oliver Kingsbury. The only similar name I could find mention of online was an Alden Kingsbury in Pat Chapman's book. Other guesses?


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Boathouse Fire

I have heard the story of the boathouse fire involving many canoes. There is a fellow in the Norumbega Chapter that may know more about that fire. I seem to recall the fire was in Dedham.

Actually, thinking on it some more, the story I was referring to is someone cleaning out a boathouse in Dedham and throwing the canoes on a fire. The boathouse fire may have been the burning of the C.P. Nutting Boathouse in Waltham. I think that one burned to the waterline (it was on pilings in the Charles River) in about 1950.

I think Robertson, Arnold, or Waltham (maybe in that order) are all good candidates for your canoe.
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Actually, thinking on it some more, the story I was referring to is someone cleaning out a boathouse in Dedham and throwing the canoes on a fire:D:D
Sorry, it dipped to -8celcius last nite, frosty walk to the school bus today.
Your canoe is most likely a Robertson. We have restored a few of these over the years with the wide solid plank seats and they were all Robertson. Stem profile and deck pattern point to Robertson too.
Cool, thanks for weighing in guys. Not that it really matters of course, but it's nice to be able to give a somewhat direct answer when people ask what it is.
Just finished restoring a Robertson, complete with stamps on the seats and name plate, and ser,# on stem. It looks the same as yours.
Good for you! We'd love to see photos of your restoration - if you have trouble posting feel free to email them to me: brad *at* bradcornelius *dot* com. I'd be happy to post them for you.
I vote Robertson too.

You may want to look up the tread from 5/29/08 by searching Kingsbury and you will find a picture comparing some Charles River builders short decks.

The one most like yours is the Robertson.

Happy paddling,

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