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Portage....the carrying of a canoe or its cargo between two navigable waters....the action of carrying or transporting something.

Here is how it's done.



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They don't sit, they swim... and all you have to do is put a leash on them. It's kind of like sailing...
And all dogs either pull, or don't, from birth. So, of course, you would only take dogs that will pull the canoe, rather than be pulled along.
Hello, my name is Paul, and I have Cabin Fever. It's been two weeks since I've been paddling, though I plan to go out again this weekend...
Anybody going to the Paddler's Gathering at Hulbert's in Vermont this weekend?
There won't really be any paddling happening there, but we can commiserate and fight cabin fever - many will be sleeping in tents! (though "hot" camping ie. with woodstoves)
Paddlin Fever

Hi Paul............
Saw some mushers a couple of days ago, but they weren't pulling a canoe.

It will be at least a month and a half before our waters open up. There is still a little ice on the lakes here. Last I checked there was still 20+ inches of the stuff. See you in Mad-Town??
Hi Dave,

Won't know if I can make it to Madtown until late this Saturday... Kids have a tournament; if they do well, we go to State, and need every spare day for planning & project improvement work, etc. If we crash & burn (not unlikely), the projects get cut up for the burn pile, and I'll be in Madtown. The 13th & 14th are booked with kid stuff as well, though I may take Sunday off for a run up there, win or lose... I've been an exceptionally good Dad lately, so I deserve a break!
Ferdy didn't look at the second definition of "portage" in his dictionary.

If you read on you'll see that it's based on a French word that means "up hill both ways."
My unabridged dictionary says it's uphill both ways, with gusty winds, and bare feet through thornbushes and.... oh, you already know that part...