Peterbourgh Craft 3668 Burleigh SN:1418

Gord Boughner

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We have recently found and purchased the above wooden 16 foot rowing skift that has a bow plate made by Peterborough Craft. I am quite certain this is the same plate found on many Peterbourough Canoes

If is smooth planked and has small 1/2in ribs. no fiberglass! :)

The boat has been in a boathouse for many years but is great shape and will get some TLC this spring

Looking to find out the years the boat might have been made, and and better understanding of the orginal foot brace rowing harness and floor board configuration.

Four floor boards are in the bottom of the boat that extend the lenght. We are not sure if these are orginal or afterthoughts.

Any information or a point in the right direction would be apprecited. THX
MIght Have it Reversed: Model 1418 Serial 3668

In looking through this wounderful web site. I found a Thumbnail print of one page of a 1952 Peterborough Catelog with this a a Burleigh Model 1418, that match the specifications of the skiff.

If I could find any more detail on the exact year this might have been built and the floor board and the rowing foot harness that would be great.

Hello Gord,

The Peterborough Canoe Co rowing skiff with the model number 1418 was built sometime between 1939 and 1957.
The model existed before 1939 with the model number 392 and likely entered Peterborough’s line-up in 1922. As far as I know this model of rowing skiff always had floorboards in two sections on each side of the keelson.:)

Dick Persson
Headwater Wooden Boat Shop