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I wanted to drop you a short “status” on the Peterborough wide plank canoe that I had posted a few months ago. I ended up buying a nice old but in great shape Grumman to “bump” around in while I work on the Peterborough.

Looking closer at the planking, I have discovered dry rot running along one plank edge and a couple of cracked ribs at the same location. I am now concerned that the rot has traveled further but can not be sure.

The wife says, "move it out of the garage" so I need to build a temporary enclosure outside while I do the work. HOwever, I am not sure where to begin. I can't tell if its the garboard or the next plank that has the rot and if I need to remove the entire plank or just the section that is bad. The seam at the keel looks tight and I can not find any "punkiness" there (but you never know until you start...).

As for the ribs, I think it is just isolated to one small area.

What would you recommend?
Hi Bill,

Good to hear that you found a suitable “bumper”.

The diagonally cracked planking and cracked ribs definitely need replacement. The type of grain you see in that plank is not suitable for repair.

Is the dry rot in the same area as that diagonally cracked plank?

Dick Persson


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Hi Dick and good morning. No, the rot is on the other side of the boat from the cracked plank. So, my guess is, that while I am replacing planks, I need to be thinking about replacing two planks. Might as well.

I also found out (from the previous owner) that my canoe had been stored in his basement (which is above ground) for nearly 20 years and has not seen water in all that time.

So if the dry rot has infected the plank and rib, how far do I go to replace; the entire plank? What about the adjacent plank?

Best regards,