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Richard Mosley

Curious about Wooden Canoes
One of my 16x30 longitudinal strip Peterborough canoes bears a brass plate on the coaming with a model and serial number. The model # is difficult to read as the attached photos will indicate. I think it is 44. According to the model list at the Canadian Canoe Museum site that model was offered from 1909-1930 and again in 1938. Does anyone know what years did the company use this type of nameplate? I am thinking of offering this for sale in the classifieds. Any thoughts on what a reasonable asking price might be?



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I’m in the UK and have just finished restoring a Peterborough. My brass plate says ‘90 serial 2688’and underneath ‘VAR CEDAR’
The boat looks very similar to yours and is 14’ 8” long with a beam of 37.5”
If anyone can give me an idea of model and age I’d be really grateful.
Ive just searched the Canadian Canoe Museum site and cant find the model list you mention. Any pointers?
Welcome aboard Richard!

Lovely looking canoe...

There are many on these forums who know much more about Peterborough models than i do.. Dick Persson and Michael Grace come to mind off the top of my head... but I would suggest that the Wooden Canoe Museum has a number of old canoe company catalogues online, including several Peterborough samples that might be worth a look:

That same site has photos of numerous deck plats too, including one very similar to yours. Perhaps Dan Miller can help with dating...
Cheers! Bruce
Two references to the Peterborough model 90 with the "Name or Code Word" of "BUNNY" from the 1927 and 1938 catalogs are shown below.