peterborough floor boards?


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Does anybody know what type of wood peterborough used for floor boards, or have a picture to post? My rib canoe had evidence of them from the little brass clips.

I have one piece of wood left to put on! :)

Hi Jeff--

I looked at some of the Peterborough catalogs on the Catalog Collection CD, and could find no pictures or description of wood type... found only that the floor rack was an accessory costing $3 in 1927 and 20 cents more in the 30s. Is there a particular year I could look up for you?

Hi Jeff,

Normally floorboard for a cedar-rib canoe was made from basswood and painted. It had four pieces, filling the spaces between the longitudinal stringers. See picture below.
The floorboards are about 3/8 + thick and their backside are grooved. See sketch below.



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I did an early 16' Lakefield that had the original boards. They were 2 boards of basswood stained walnut. I wonder if your Peterborough had the same configuration.


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Thanks everyone, basswood it is then. Might be missing a few brass clips . > They appear to be crudely made from 3/8 oval.
Not sure if I'll paint them, maybe, the factory rails where painted green at one time but no way of knowing if it was original Dick.

Kathryn mine has the serial number stamped on the coaming so I've been told that means before 1920. # 4 8809

Dan I still have the original email from contacting you about this project in aug 2004. I appreciate your help and advice and leads on who might have more information.

Dave staining them walnut makes sense, I used walnut for the trim.

It is ready to start sanding.


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There are two pre-1920 catalogs on the CD collection I have, and I'll attach images... first, from the 1909 and then from the 1914... also included accessories page for each of these years because there's often interesting stuff there. I KNOW my grandma had a little folding table like that one in the 1909 catalog!

Does this appear to be your canoe?


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Thanks Kathy,
Yes that is the canoe, I actually have to build a seat for the front, so the catalog pictures help for a design.

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