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I just picked up a little 16' Peterborough Champlain model canoe. It has the very faint remnants of a Peterborough decal on the bow deck that includes the elliptical shape of the reproduction decal available through WCHA, but seems to have a long rectangular portion below. Can anyone show me what this part looked like? The decks are split and have large eye-bolts through them so will have to be replaced.

Most likely the 75th anniversary decal from the 1950's, I'll try to dig up a picture of one.
Probably someone here has one. Nice little boat.
Andre, You are right. It is a nice little boat, one that is going to be fun to paddle I think. I have long admired the one that Fred Capenos so beautifully restored. You can see it on top of Fred's vehicle in the above photo. It is remarkable to me how similar the hull design is to the 16' Chestnut "Kruger" model I'm finishing up now. I hope to try them both out on the water soon.

Fred, Your decal has exactly the profile that I can make out on my deck. It would seem to indicate that both were made sometime in the 50's according to Andre. We will have to put them side by side sometime so that I can take notes.

Max, I'm biased but I think its a great looking boat, I really like the almost plumb stems - do you have slat seats or cane? Its also similar to the Canadian #50 I've got, a great paddling solo boat. Fred's boat looks great.
The stem profile is one of the differences from the Kruger, along with a slightly more pronounced rise in sheer at the tips. They are quite similar in hull shape however. I'm glad to hear you like to paddle it solo as that is the way I go much of the time. The seats on this one were cane. Someone had bolted on plates of 1/4" aluminum when the cane broke out, but fortunately put the bolts through the original cane holes. Almost everything seems salvagable except the outwales, decks, and canvas, with a little repair here and there and a lot of clean up. This one has a full shoe keel which I probably wouldn't put back on. Any thoughts on this? It does offer some stiffness and perhaps abrasion resistance. It adds weight and possibly hampers the maneuverability.

Guess it depends on what you intend to use the boat for, but I think you'll find the keel's weight is negligible, compared to the overall weight. it does offer abrasion protection, and as the holes are already there I prefer them on. I've not been accused of graceful paddling much however I dont think you'd find it hampers maneuverability in the way deeper keels can. Since we're always poking along rivers and shorelines and even for beaching and loading/unloading I find it helpful. Outer gunwales are often spruce like the inners, but ash looks great and is of course easier to find in longer lengths. As well, mine's got a sailing rig and a thwart for the mast, and since the leeboards clamp on I went back with ash rails, inside and out. Needed 5 ribs and some planking, I've got to canvas it next.
The inwales, outwales, and decks on this one are Spruce. I haven't thought about species for replacement. Anything works for me as I will probably do a long scarf joint on the outwales with anything except possibly Spruce, which I can get in long lengths. Do you have any photos of your Champlain, Andre. I will attempt to attach a couple of mine. The interior will strip and clean quickly. There is a lot of old paint on the exterior.


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champlain pics

Max, this one is next up - once it comes down from the top. Needed new stem tops, dropped the inner rails 1/2 inch to clean up the rib tops, and about 5 ribs. If you can get full length spruce I'd use that for sure, dont get lengths like that much 'round here. Inner and outer gunwales will be ash. Seats are slats, maple like the thwarts. Dont have a picture of the sail rig yet, it'll be refinished as well.
Finishing up a wanigan planked in red cedar for it too. Oh and some shots of my #50.


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