Peterborough Craft, Cedar Rib, Model 4, Serial 3062


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My Dad past away last summer and left us his fully restored antique canoe. We do not have a use for it and I am wondering what it is worth and whether anyone would like to buy it.
I believe it is a Peterborough Craft, Cedar Rib, Model 4, Serial 3062
I have attached pictures.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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You have a very nice rare Peterborough canoe.

I notice no one jump on a response as we don't like to throw numbers around.

The market for fine canoes has been a buyers market for a few years now, so you have to find the right buyer, but it's got to be worth $3,000 and up. We don't see the whole canoe and condition on a Cedar Rib is more important than most others as repair is a bit more difficult.

Now I'll wait and take heat from other forum members.


I love those canoes. Wish I could afford it. That shape just glides through the water on a lake.
Hopefully someone will confirm, but I believe that construction method to be the most expensive offered by Peterborough, and least common of their methods. It might have been a method that was unique to the company.

Your pictures do look very good, seeing more would not be a bad thing.
Hi Paul
Someone had given this to me years ago. Gives you some history of the design. Yes I think they were the top of the line. You still probably could find one up around your area. I kinda think someone would want to buy this. I know what a few have sold for during the good times.
Hello John, I hope the Killbear Canoe rendevous goes well this year, I am going to miss it.

Good article with a a number of interesting points: I did not expect that the patent was as old as 1878. Taking four times as long to build as the other styles! That is why condition would be so important when buying as Paul points out.