Paul M.'s Canoe-Stripping Set-up

HI All,

It didn't seem that Denis got too much of the system I use on his video so I took a few pictures of it in use today.

I was stripping multiple layers of gray paint from the inside of my Gray and Frost canoe. I did uncover the other deck and thwart and am very please with the Birdseye Maple found under all of the gray paint.

I did scrap some of the gunk out as I didn't want to overload the system and have to clean it out right away.

The first bucket receives the overflow from the tables and the gunk settles to the bottom and the stripper flows through a pipe at the top of the two buckets and flows into the second bucket that has the pump attached at the bottom and runs the stripper through the hose to the brush.

The stripper is like water and you need to wear protection and have a bucket of water nearby if you happen to splash the most minute amount on any exposed skin as it will burn.

This canoe will need another run through the system as there was gray left in the canoe.

The second canoe I stripped today was an 18' Racine long deck that only had vanish in it.




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Hello Paul,
Do you have any info on the pump? HP, GPM BRAND NAME? I would like to try to recreate your setup if possible. Thanks, Macky