Patch or re-canvas?


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My new to me '53 18' Penn Yan has a tear near the keel. I am a complete canvas canoe neophyte, and so am looking for opinions - is there potential for patching or is a recanvas the only option? As far as I can tell the rest of the canoe is in real good shape. Here's a photo of the tear, and another showing some scraping where the silver filler shows through.



Any help appreciated!
My opinion would be that the application of a little duct tape might permit you to enjoy your canoe this summer... someone else might have a suggestion for a more complex patch, but you could certainly put off a canvassing-job until it's something you become inspired to do. Life is short and summer is fleeting-- at least where we live. Ahh-- you are in Wisconsin... right next door. I say throw on the duct tape and look into joining us at Jag Lake (near Minocqua) on September 23rd.

Tempting, my wife really wants to "try out" the PY now that it's ours. But I'm still worrying about additional water damage taking me from re-canvas to refurbish. Fortunately, we have a second fiberglass canoe that is fully functional - it should get us through the remainder of the season.
Duct tape comes in many colors. My prospector got by quite well for a couple of years with tape. Not that I recomend using it that long.

You could likely patch it and depending on the condition of the rest of the canvas, get by with it for quite awhile (years). Penn Yan likely used aircraft dope for filler on your canoe, so your mileage may vary. There is information here on patching a canoe with canvas and ambroid. There are all kinds of waterproof adhesives today, so you may be able to use a different glue too.
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For a substitute glue, read the discussion under the thread "Amberoid" beginning on 10-6-2011 where I ask if Duco cement is a good substitute for Ambroid when patching.

Mark Douglass
I tried duct tape and it peeled off in the water. Contact cement comes in small bottles. Use any fabric you want.
Gorilla Tape works better than duct tape. I paddled a 15' OT Lightweight for a couple of years on Gorrilla Tape.

Jim R... Contact me if you need help w/ canvassing. I'm in the Minocqua area and all set up to stretch new canvas.
Jim; Your Penn Yan does not have canvas, it is covered with dracron and filled with dope and the silver color of the filler is aluminum powder mixed with the dope
filler. Doug Nichols has a bias weave tape to repair tears such as yours. He can be reached at 315-595-2576, address is 3722 Rt. 54A Branchport, N.Y. 14418.
Good luck with your project;........Dave