Paddles on Ebay

Jan Bloom

LOVES Wooden Canoes
There is a pair of paddles on ebay listed as 1910 per the decal. But the decal looks like one of the 1950s-1960s decals. It looks identical to the decal on a pair I have that have been identified as 1950-60 era. Furthermore the grip looks just like the grip on my paddles. They may be nice spruce paddles but I doubt that they are 1910. I also have my grandfathers paddles from the late 20s which are very refined looking and well crafted in comparison to the 50-60s set. I would expect a 1910 paddle to be equally well made and look more like those from the 20s. Kind of like the difference between a Martin guitar from 1910 or the 20s and one from 1950s-60s for those of you that understand that analogy. But as they say with ebay, Buyer beware.
wary buyers

It sure pays to know as much as you can about what it is you're bidding on and not rely on what the seller says, if things don't stack up right!

On the plus-side for buyers, sometimes an item listed as Old Town is more rare than its OT counterpart. So, it pays for sellers to know what it is they are selling.
Just noticed that the seller now says the paddles may be of more recent origin and refers folks to!

Honest sellers do not wish to misrepresent their items, and will pay attention to information they are given... and sometimes give the WCHA a plug.

Good going to whoever gave the seller information on his/her paddles!
I sent them everything they needed twice and then the second time referred them to WCHA which did the trick. They are good looking paddles and if I wasn't about to carve replicas of the two large ones from my grandfather I would go after them.