Paddle matl question

chris pearson

Michigan Canoe Nut
Anyone ever use cypres for a paddle? Its light and used in boats, plus I can get it! Sorry if my spelling is incorrect.
Hi Chris

I've used cypress for outwhales and like it alot. I would not hesitate making a paddle out of it. It seems to work like butter, has nice grain and is light and rot resistant.
regards, Dave.
Here on the west coast the Natives have used our cypress (commonly called Yellow Cedar - not a cedar at all though) a lot for paddles. It is easy to work, very stable, light, takes finishes very well and like all members of the cedar/cypress families is nicely rot resistant. It is a bit soft so won't take the beating that Ash or other hardwood made paddles might but paddles are for propelling your canoe not bashing rocks.

A buddy of mine makes nice paddles from it and swears by it. I wouldn't hesitate to use it but to be truthful I haven't made any with it as any good stuff I get goes into Flamenco guitars.