Paddle at the Presidents...


LOVES Wooden Canoes
The Michigan Chapter is gathering at the Presidential Cabin on Saturday April 23rd. from 10am-4pm we will explore the quiet waters of Twin Lakes, visit the nesting Loon pair and maybe catch a trout...$5 gets you a share of the big Subway sandwich, and soft drinks for lunch.
In addition to our MI chapter members, Kathy Klos and Denis Kallery plan to attend, Rob Stevens too. It will be fun.
I'm happy to open this up to all WCHA members. Please get in touch for directions and other details.
Attached a couple photos on the water and of the cabin.


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photo is a couple years ago....
Hope you can join us on the 23rd Dave.


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Beautiful day here, and I'm thinking we may be past snow (am I delusional?). We are looking forward VERY much to this event! The dog-sitter has been arranged.

MI Chapter is looking forward to the open "Paddle at the Presidents" this Saturday April 23rd. Hopefully the weather will hold out.
Mike and Debbie.
I was wrong about being past the snow... but that HAS to be the last of it! And it's melting where we are so I assume it is downstate as well...