Oxidized tacks


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I am restoring a couple of Otca canoes, one of them has apparently been in salt water and the salt water has reacted with the tacks causing a green coating on them. The tacks don't appear to have been damaged (stength wise). The inside of the canoe was finished with it's original varnish and then I believe shellac over the varnish. Both of these finishes failed over the oxidized tacks and the finish lifted or bubbled away from the tack.

I am stripping and re varnishing the canoe will the tacks react with the new finish? Should I treat or seal the tacks with something to remove oxidation? Anyone else have any experience with this?

I did one and found that the chemical paint stripper will also clean the tacks as you go . Watch the tacks for any bad corrosion and replace if in doubt .