Our New Old Canoes

Christmas in Oct.

Looks like a great lot of canoes -- and like you had some fun getting them into the 2nd floor storage area.
I'm anticipating more fun video and shared info as you look them over more closely and start the restorations.
New treasures

You guys sure stay busy. I cannot wait to see these redone with your talents and passion.
We're lucky in that the canoe we're the most excited about--- the last one in the video, which has Gerrish-like features--- is water-worthy and we can use it right away. We're planning for this weekend.

New projects to get excited about have great healing-powers. Another boat landed in our laps yesterday, and I'll post pictures when we get them.
Kathy & Denis

Looks like you folks need to take on an apprentice canoe restorer to help with all those treasures you've got stashed in that loft. Too bad I'm rooted down here. It would be fun to become a Yooper transplant and help Denis with all those restorations. Is Denis's shop in operation yet? When last seen by us it had been sidetracked into a storage area. We still have fond memories of our visit with you folks! Enjoy all those "new" old canoe treasures.
The storage area...

Yeah, well... still a storage area! We have dreams of getting it pulled together enough so that Denis can work until it gets cold enough out there to require heat (no insulation in the walls yet... and no floor either).

C'mon back, anytime, Andy... anyone else, too. It's fun to talk boats, even if it isn't convenient to work on them. And it's still paddling weather...