I sent this guy an email letting him know he destroyed a piece of history and possibly $3000 dollar boat to sell for $1300and this is the reply I got

"it was damaged in the center beyond repair,thanks for your considuration, don't hurt your arms huging another tree! "
He did not know

I put a canoe togather that was in three ragged pieces. As long as there is a rib--- And not rotten---
My current projeck

Here are a few pics of my current project.....thanks Max:


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Thanks fred !

Thanks Fred ,:)
I,m just starting my first project and was wondering if i,d taken on a lost cause ,:confused:
But your first photo put,s all that in perspective ,;)
Is the second photo the same boat /boats ? (which one ?)
Thanks for the inspiration ,:D

re shelves !!,:eek:
$1,300 shelf --$3,000 boat =$1,700 profit ?(less materials ) ?? :rolleyes:
for someone like Fred ??;)
Regards Noel
In the picture on the right, both canoes are Old Town Otcas....the canoe on the left was cut in half and the canoe on the right I'm using as a form.
"...don't hurt your arms huging another tree!"

That's pretty funny!

Gotta love those boats that are damaged beyong repair...in the middle no less!

Good going Fred. Excellent project.

What a great set of photos, I've been showing them to my wife. Makes the Ditchburn I finally wrestled away from a well intentioned but misguided "restorer" seem like a lightweight project. Only 10 ribs, some planking and maybe new 'wales. Great work Fred!
It's OK, that canoe had Babiche seats rendering it virtually worthless...

Seriously, if a canoe like this can be restored, why not that one?


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